Anonymous whispered: Any updates on tom and moira?

I’m hoping tomorrow night for Tom and Moira.

romancejunkette whispered: Ah!!! Richard and Layla!! Simply wonderful!! I love the line about the green boots at the end. Hehehehe.

Richard’s attached to the boots. He doesn’t want to chance them getting ruined. He’s hoping for an encore performance.


My new favourite photo.  Taken by a happy, lucky Well-Wisher neverif at the Empire Awards.  Link:  please do not remove neverif’s name or link.

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hotdamnbritshmen whispered: I'm just going to say this. You are the reason I have started writings my own stories! Also I was wondering if you still had that writers template, like the one with all those little templates on it that you shared awhile ago? Thanks!!

Seriously, that I inspired you to start writing your own stories is the biggest compliment ever. That means so much.

And you can get the templates here.

Expecting - Two More Weeks


Layla stared into the fridge as she held her mobile to her ear. Even Richard’s voice couldn’t completely overwhelm her hunger. “I am so horny that today I figured out how much it would cost to have a taxi take me to Leeds just to have sex with you.”

His laughter was loud but tinged with sympathy.“Two more weeks and no more Leeds.”

“And then you’ll be home until the babies are born. I’m so happy this play was at just the right time for you.”

“And thankfully I have an understudy in case the babies decide to come early.”

Layla patted her stomach. “I told them they’re not allowed to.”

“Well, I guess we’ll see how good they are at listening to their mum right off, then.”

“Have you thought of any more name ideas?” They had found out at her appointment Monday morning that they were having a girl and a boy.

“What about Emmeline?”

Layla wrinkled her nose and moved the carton of milk over, looking to see if anything interesting was hiding behind it. She was disappointed to find that there wasn’t. “She sounds prissy. I was on a baby name site today and people are starting to name their daughters Khaleesi.”

“We are not those people.”

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porcelainandgold whispered: It's thanks to you that I heard about the whole Crucible thing and when I told my mom, she decided to send me to London to see it! So THANK YOU!


queencaitlin135 whispered: Haven't heard from you in a few hours. Any particular reasons why? ;)

I’m writin!


I really don’t want to glorify smoking but I can absolutely understand.

Anonymous whispered: Michael and Halla, I know this is confusing, but If you had a son, what dog breed would it be?

I think we’d actually have to meet the child in question to determine its breed.

Anonymous whispered: Please tell me there is a Layla/Richard update coming soon? My fingers are crossed cautiously with anticipation... - B

I’m writing right now. It should be out tonight barring a major disaster.


I’ll have one of these please ^

It’s officially up on the Old Vic website. Now, to see if I can find enough change under the couch cushions for a plane ticket to London.