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Love is always the answer.
“Replying to your post about how to describe Fifer's hair. Fun fact! Natural hair takes a whole lot of work to have the kind of curls that you posted about. I suggest watching Youtube videos so that you can get a feel styling. The Natural hair community on Youtube is bomb. Try Nikkimae2003-- she's a fav of mine. Know what Bantu knots are. Did Fifer's mom ever give her relaxers as a kid? It might be a cute scene to have Chris a little confused with the entire process of hair care.”
— asked by whoania

I have actually been watching youtube tutorials on natural hair styles for the last hour or so and I just watched one on a Bantu knot twist out which gives the most amazing curls ever! I don’t think I’ve watched any nikkimae2003 videos yet. Next I want to watch one on Senegalese twists because those are also beautiful. 

I want to have Chris show up unexpectedly while she’s doing her hair and she’s got half of it straightened out and rest of it up in clips and then he sits there and watches her put it up in Bantu knots.

As someone who has stick straight very fine hair, I am finding this whole process eyeopening.

I watched Queen Latifah’s Beauty Shop movie a few years ago and loved it. I may have to go watch it again and see if I recognize any of the styles they do. Seriously, I have such a better appreciation for all the gorgeous hair I’ve been looking at now that I understand how much work it takes to look that beautiful.




just in case you needed a boost of happy…here’s McCoy dancing in a wetsuit…

cndios, let me share the happy with you.

okay, she actually was saying she pineapples her hair. 

— asked by Anonymous

Yay! Nutella gives her vote of approval for Fifer!

I should probably go delete that warning message on the first chapter since she’s sticking around. :D


Frotastic: Actress Sophie Okonedo, ESSENCE Magazine April 2014.
Photo Credit: Ruven Afanador


Frotastic: Actress Sophie Okonedo, ESSENCE Magazine April 2014.

Photo Credit: Ruven Afanador

Surprisingly good advice from The Doctor.

Original photo by Steven Peutzer

Surprisingly good advice from The Doctor.

Original photo by Steven Peutzer

Too bad she only has sisters. It would’ve been fun to have her brother(s)/cousins play basketball with him by way of deciding whether or not he was okay. I like that you’ve made him a capitalist-with-a-possible-heart, and cocky-but-not-a-total-dick.

She’s got cousins. And sisters. Not all the girls in her family are klutzes.

“I love Fifer. I think I connect with her on a spiritual level ^_^”
— asked by galactic-emperor

Yay! I’m glad she’s getting some love.

I think you sent this before I posted the second chapter and I’m just now seeing it, so hopefully you still love her.

“Every time I see a new update from you I get the biggest smile on my face. It doesn't matter what it is. And I am absolutely loving this new Chris Pine Fic. I'd love for a first date to go like that... :-)”
— asked by gatsbynouvel

That’s a pretty good first date. They make each other laugh. What else do you need?

And I’m glad you’re loving it. 

“Molly! Can I just be like the millioned person to tell you that your characters are so refreshingly unique?! If anybody thinks differently Fifer has absolutely rectified that.”
— asked by delphiniumblues

Thank you, darling!

con.exe - Step Two: Make a Connection


Fifer pulled her door shut and slipped in the key to slide the deadbolt home when she saw the post-it note stuck to the green paint.

Pizza tonight? Pepperoni? C-

She’d seen him twice in the last three days, both times heading opposite directions on the stairs. He’d been bringing Nathalie back in from a walk as she had been heading to work, and the other time she’d been coming in as he had been leaving, dressed in a nice suit. She had slowed on the stairs so she could watch him check his mailbox and then cross the foyer, and to her utter embarrassment he had caught her reflection in the glass doors and turned and waved. She’d never taken the rest of the stairs faster in her life.

She opened her door, found a pen inside the Sudoku book on her coffee table, and wrote

Vegetarian. 7:30? Fifer

on the note before she stuck it to his door. She locked her door, stuffed her hands in her coat pockets, and smiled gleefully as she hurried down the stairs.

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Better Identification of Viking Corpses Reveals: Half of the Warriors Were Female |



just in case some people try to say they don’t trust this source: here’s usa today, the original one, and if you take a look at that you can find the professor responsible for these quotes. he teaches at the university of stirling and he has a doctorate degree in medieval history. hella

“Won't Halla need to gets her license again when they have kiddos? Cause with both parents working and groceries and stuff, it's gonna suck if only one parent can drive?”
— asked by Anonymous

I had not thought this far ahead.

“Do you have any advice for somebody who is considering getting involved in a friends with benefits relationship?”
— asked by Anonymous

Don’t. Just don’t. I don’t know of anyone who has done this where it hasn’t had serious emotional repercussions. So, no.

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